Public Have a Go

The Club welcomes everybody interested to try archery at  Have a Go events which we occasionally run. Up to 2 a hour session for £12, individually supervised shooting at 10 yard range.

The date of the next event will be decided soon.

Everybody is welcome so when the date is announced please contact John Kendall at, for us to get an idea about the numbers.

The next event is a public have-a-go on Sunday 19th May, arrive at 2pm for to be ready for shooting at 2-30. This will be followed by a barbecue to which all participants are invited, a contribution towards the cost of sausages etc will be welcomed.

Following event is on Thursday 13th June and is a private event for the OAP Lunch Club. They will arrive at 10-30am for shooting to start at 11-00.

We then have another private have-a-go for the Young Farmers of Henley starting at 7pm on 15th August.

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