Oxford University Indoor Tournament attended

This morning, Saturday 9th April 2016, SOAC took part in a FITA 18 Team Head to Head competition.  Martin Redford, Ray Cooke and John Redshaw teamed up to compete against teams from the Oxford University Company of Archers, Supermarine Archers (Swindon) and two teams from University of London.
This was the first time we had got together as a team, and only Martin had shot a FITA 18 on tri-spot targets before.  The target size was a big surprise to John shooting an American Flat Bow, as the 5 zone target is about the same size as the Gold zone on a Portsmouth Target.
We lost our first match (6-0) against one of the London Teams, and the second to Supermarine (6-2), London again beat us (6-0), then we beat Oxford (6-2) ending the round robin stage of the tournament seeded 4th.
In the elimination rounds we shot against 5th seeded Oxford but were unable to repeat our previous win and sadly we were eliminated.
Final Result – University of London 1st and 2nd, Supermarine 3rd.
Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the tournament immensely. Let’s hope we can get some more teams together for other tournaments this summer.  It would be nice to return next year with more than one team.

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