December 2013 Newsletter

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CPO Report 
I just want to remind everyone about the guidelines regarding juniors as we now have seven under 16.  It is necessary to ensure there are at least two adults on site at all times when a junior is shooting. One may be the parent, but if no parent present and only two adults instructing, the session must end if one of them has to leave. Parents leaving juniors at the club must enter a contact telephone number in the diary provided (in addition to the name of everyone attending).
To all Members
Please note that in all controlled shoots the line signals now are one whistle to shoot, THREE whistles to collect arrows,  two whistles (only used on timed events ) move to shooting line (NOT collect )
Club Shoots
Now Indoor season we will be shooting indoors on a Monday evening at Maiden Erlegh School gym. Shooting starts at 7-15pm prompt we can access the gym from 6-45pm to set up.  Hope to see you all there. Sunday afternoons and Saturday mornings as normal at the rugby club
Records Officer
Would all members shooting rounds please use correct score sheet and put name, round, date and bow style on score sheet so scores can be recorded
The Club website is at where there is now a club event calender

Going for Gold

November Tournament Results

AC Delco
Attended by two club members Jane Brydges and Roy Goddard
Congratulations Jane Brydges 2nd Barebow Roy Goddard 2nd Longbow

So far this year Club Members have been awarded the following Medals and Trophies( not including Club Champs)

   Trophies        1
Gold              10
   Silver             11
   Bronze          4

Record  Breakers 
The Club (past and present members) holds 23 County Records( plus some to be verified) see the list in club house
The New Club Records will be on the board in club house
Congratulations on following new Club Records this Year
Fita 18.  Rachael Evans,Emily West,Jane Brydges B/B
Worcester.   Sheila Cox, Sam Bird, Roy Goddard L/B (also County record), Roy Goddard C/P,Jane Brydges B/B Rod Cox B/B
Portsmouth.  Rachael Evans,Jane Brydges B/B, Charlie Lethbridge (Junior),Roy Goddard L/B (also County record), Roy Goddard C/P, Emily West
Double Portsmouth.  Sheila Cox , Roy Goddard C/P
Vegas.  Roy Goddard. C/P
Albion. Roy Goddard L/B also County claim
Fita 720  Sam Bird
Long National.  Roy Goddard L/B also County claim
Short Junior Warwick . Anna Walker
Short National   Jane Brydges  B/B
Short Warwick.  Jane Brydges B/B
Short Western Jane Brydges B/B
Warwick.  Jane Brydges B/B

Congratulations to Club members for achieving the following
Outdoor Classifications 

 2013 Start
Bowman    Rod Cox (R)
1st Class   Duncan Reed (R)
2nd Class  Shelia Cox (R) , Terry Rendle(R) ,  Roy Goddard (Cp)  , Roy Goddard (L/B)
3rd Class  Emily West (R), Martin Janousek (R), Jane Brydges (B/B), Fred Golding (R)

Final Indoor Classifications 
C     Rod Cox (R), Sam Bird (R) and Duncan Reed (R)
D     Ty Botting (R), Shelia Cox (R), Rachael Evans (R) and Roy Goddard (Cp)
E     Martin Janousek (R), Michael King (R), Fred Golding (R), Chris Legg (R) and Charles Read (R)
F     Kayt Read (R), Moira Kendall (R) and Roy Goddard (L/B)

If anyone does not  want their results published please let me know (
Outdoor Classifications start at  Archer (formally U/C) 3rd class then 2nd class, 1st class, Bowman, all done through club  Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman are done through Archery GB These run from Jan 1st to Dec 31st
Indoor Classifications  start at H then G, F, E, D, C, B, A ,  all done through club. These run from 1st July to 30th Jun



Badges available £2.50 each

Club Rankings for 2013/2014  ( All styles )

1st     Duncan Reed
2nd    Roy Goddard (cp)
3rd    Rachael Evans
4th     Ty Botting
5th     Alex West
6th     Charles Read
7th     Rod Cox B/B
8th     Martin Janousek
9th     Sheila Cox
10th   Fred Golding
11th   Jeff Dobson
12th    Chris Legg
13th    Michael King
14th    Kayt Read
15th    Roy Goddard L/B
16th    Ray Cooke
17th    Moira Kendall
18th    Roy Goddard (trad)
19th    Emily West
20th   Jane Brydges

252 Awards will be back next year. Any scores achieved will be added


Badges available £2.50 each

Club Ranking for 2013/2014 ( All Styles )

1st     Jeff Dobson
2nd        Alex West
3rd         Sheila Cox
4th        Rod Cox B/B
5th        Chris Pollard     
6th         Charles Read
7th         Michael King
8th        Martin Janousek
9th        Fred Golding
10th     John Vorster
11th     Kayt Read
12th     Ray Cooke
13th     Roy Goddard L/B
14th    Moria Kendall
15th    Daniel Butlin

Fita Arrow Awards will be back next year. Any scores achieved will be added

You can keep a record of your scores and also see how you rank with others in the region and nationally   The club is listed for any member to join including beginners (enter as novice)
Keep your scores going in for Indoor rankings .Target Ranking rounds are Fita 18 and Portsmouth.  Intdoor Target Rankings now running
Club ranking is any round
November Club Ranking
Worcester               Bare Bow 1st place, Longbow 1st place
Portsmouth           Recurve 8th place, Compound 11th place, Bare Bow 5th place,  Longbow 4th place
Fita 18                    Recurve 7th place, Compound 8th place, Longbow 2nd place
Frostbite                Recurve 4th place, Longbow 3rd place
Well done to all those that put scores in
Information site and various competitions
The AIUK 2013 Winter League is now running and the Ironman in Dec 
Portsmouth Postal Winter League is now running

Forthcoming Tournaments


1st      County Champs         Oxford                     Portsmouth
2nd    Club Postal                                                  Portsmouth
8th     Club Postal                  1.30pm                  Frostbite
9th      Xmas club fun shoot                                Various
28th   AIUK                         Guilford                        Ironman

4th-5th Spelthorne            Middlesex            Portsmouth
11th    RN South Coast    Hampshire          Fita 25
12th    RN South Coast    Hampshire          Fita 18
12th    Club Postal                                           Frostbite
13th    Club Postal                                           Portsmouth
1st-2nd Middlesex County   Middlesex        Portsmouth
3rd      Club Postal                                           Portsmouth
9th      Club Postal                                           Frostbite
Entry Forms in the Club House or see Roy Goddard

For Sale

Archery related items only

Stylist Supreme R/H 34-36lbs, sight, v-bar, stabilisers, ACC arows, bow stand, hard case  £295

PSE Compound R/H 40-60lbs, overdraw, 5 pin sight, long rod, alloy arrows, soft case  £55

Arrows XX75 Gold 1916 x 9 £15

Bryan Hurst  0118 9426784

If you want any archery related items listed here let me know, Roy Goddard


Oxford County Squad
Club Members in squad at the moment are Rod Cox (recurve) , Duncan Reed (recurve) and Roy Goddard (longbow)

To be eligible for the senior squad you should be a 1st class archer. For indoors,  this translates into approximately 500 for recurve ladies, 520 for recurve gents and 540 for compounds on a Portsmouth round. If you are interested in joining the squad, please do get in touch with the captain at

Club Clothing
The Club colours are purple and yellow with black trousers/skirt
Polo shirts in purple with logo and your name on front and club name in yellow on back can be ordered (also available fleeces and hoodies)
Available from Penhale  when ordering please state the following “purple polo shirt( or hoodie,), size, SOAC Logo and name (RH or LH), South Oxon Archers on back”
or contact Fred Golding or Roy Goddard for more information (polo shirts price increase to £12.50  money with order please) also Club pin Badges £2.50 each

And finally 

Last indoor shoot for 2013 is Dec 9th
First indoor shoot for 2014 is January 13th
The club now has a lightweight Longbow and Compound anyone wishing to try either please see Roy Goddard

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