Container Lighting

Sent: 09 December 2013

We now have lighting in the equipment container. I have yet to see it working in the dark however.

The lighting unit is mounted on a wooden panel just inside the right hand door. The black circular panel contains 36 LED lights. There is a Solar Panel mounted on the roof to charge three AA re-chargeable batteries in the unit.

Press the white button on the panel to turn on the 36 lights. It is to the right.
Press again, and just 24 will light.
Press again, and just 12 will light.
Press again to TURN OFF.

Make sure they are turned off before locking the door.

The switch on the left should be left on.

The unit will only work if there is little or no daylight. Should a light be needed, unplug the charging lead at the top and replace afterwards.

Any problems please contact Michael King

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