Beginners equipment needed and guide to costs

These costs are taken from a variety of archery suppliers’ catalogues, so are average and will need constant updates.

SOAC_recurveThe cost of a recurve bow starts at around £100 and goes up to… don’t ask. You will decide the length of bow you need and the draw weight, i.e. how much effort it takes to pull the string back. As a beginner you start typically at around 18lbs but as you get stronger and learn a proper shooting form you will increase your bow weight to anything from 16lbs to around 45lbs.

You will also need a string made to the length of the bow, cost around £7. The bow will need a sight, cost from £15 upwards.

Aluminium-alloy arrows cost around £6 to £8 each and are normally sold in packs of 8. The arrows are chosen to suit the bow and the archer for length and weight. To hold the arrows while shooting you will need a quiver, cost from £16 to £50.

A finger tab, to protect your fingers from the string when pulling the arrow, will cost between £6 and £20. The other protection needed is an arm guard to protect your bow forearm from the string. This will cost between £3 and £10. Some archers, particularly girls and ladies, use a chest guard, cost from £6 to £20.

The only other thing you might decide to buy is a bag or box to carry all this around in.

This is the basic list of the equipment you will need. Club members will advise you on the equipment and will possibly be able to find second-hand equipment for you in some cases.

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