Beginner Courses

Our beginners’ course has had to be cancelled because of the corona virus lock down. Until after the situation returns to normal we will be unable to decide when or whether we will be able to run a training course this year.

Archery Beginner Course

For contact details please see the end of this page.

The course consists of 7 lessons of approx 90 minutes each which take place over a six week period. If it is necessary to cancel a lesson due to bad weather, or if you know in advance that you’ll miss a particular week (e.g. if you are on holiday), then it can be made up later. We could not repeat more than one week for individuals unless we consider there are special circumstances. So please, when accepting a place on a course you must be sure you are available to attend all 6 lessons. We cannot accept beginners into the Club unless they have attended a full course.


Tuesday evenings starting 28th April and last night on 9th June. The course will consist of 7 sessions. A session will run from 6.45 to 8.15pm.


The fee for the full course is £70.00. The fee must be paid prior to the start of the first lesson. Confirm that you have a place on the course before sending payment. Payment is non refundable.


We allow juniors  to apply to join the beginner course. However, acceptance of each junior on the course is subject to the approval of the coach. Juniors must be accompanied by parents, or guardians approved by the parents, at all times when at the archery club.


We provide all the equipment for the course. Please, do not buy any equipment yourselves. If you join the club after the course, we can offer advice to help you purchase your own equipment.


You should wear comfortable but close-fitting clothing. If it’s chilly it’s better to wear several thin layers rather than one bulky one & perhaps bring a woolly hat. In particular it’s important that you don’t wear jumpers or jackets with baggy sleeves as bow strings tend to catch on them & spoil your shot. Similarly long hair may need to be tied back and nose, ear, eyebrow etc piercings removed for safety. Please wear suitable footwear ie. not open sandals etc.


The South Oxon outdoor shooting range is located on the B481 at Reading Abbey RFC, Rosehill, Oxfordshire, RG4 8XA. Between Sonning Common and Emmer Green. Please note that this is not a postal address.  An online map of our location is available on the Contacts Page.

At the far end of the access road, our clubhouse is located at the far left corner as you approach the car park.


Fred Golding email –