Club Outdoor Championship 2017

The Club Championship Shoot was held on 10th September. After much publicity, a good attendance of around twenty was expected, with additional family members and friends at the barbecue to follow.


Although the availability of the venue had been previously checked with Abbey Rugby Club, it was disappointing to find on the day that two rugby matches were scheduled. We mobilised early and shepherded some remaining cars from the paddock area, before staking our claim on the shooting area with rope and signage.

The weather was unkind and the scheduled late afternoon rain arrived too early, accompanied by very cold wind. Only slightly, well quite significantly, deterred, we started promptly with sighters at 2.30 pm.

All categories were represented: Gents; Ladies; Juniors; Experienced; Novices; Sighted recurve bows; Longbows.

Shooting was at: National (60-50 yards) with eight shooting on two bosses.
Short National (50-40 yards) with seven shooting on two bosses.
Junior National (40-30 yards) with three shooting on a single boss.
Short Junior National (30 -20 yards) with one junior shooting.

Shooting arrangement was in two details, but to save time, the details were of six arrows and not in two sets of three. Even then, with a few arrows ‘missing’ (only due, I am sure to the wind), the first distance seemed to drag on. Ever practical, with a yearning for a hot tea and a bun, Moira suggested, as everyone needed to reduce shooting distance for the second phase by the same ten yards, we move the shooting line forward instead of moving all six of the bosses. By then the faces were so wet and damaged that they probably would have disintegrated with the move anyway.

Shooting was duly completed, soggy equipment packed away and all huddled in the clubhouse or around the warmth of the barbecue, in the the ‘Event Shelter’.

Lisa had arranged a very ambitious spread and many thanks to all who contributed salads and trimmings etc. It was a most enjoyable social event.

In short time, club President Chris Pollard had completed a summary of the scores and, thanks to the efforts of Roy Goddard, there were prizes for almost everyone ie:

Gents Sighted
1st Chris Pollard scored 530 (Gents Trophy)

2nd Chris King scored 511.
3rd Graham Hall scored 446.

Gents Longbow:
1st  Dave Rowlands scored 147 (Short National).
2nd Roy Goddard scored 125 (National).

Ladies Sighted:
1st Lisa scored 495 (Short National) Ladies trophy.
2nd Nicki scored 410 (Junior National)

Ladies Longbow:
1st Mel scored 215 (Short National).
2nd Moira scored 75 (Short National)

Junior Sighted:
1st Evie scored 465 (Short Junior National) Junior Trophy.

Novice Archers (less than one year shooting)
Gents Sighted:   1st Paul Haigh scored 374 (National).
Gents Longbow: Gary Marshall scored 241 (Junior National).
Ladies Sighted: Rosemary Muirhead scored 322 (Junior National).

There being no couples shooting this year, but two Father / Daughter pairs, the trophy was awarded to Chris and Nicki King, who narrowly won over Paul and Evie Haigh.

Best Golds Were:
Gents: Chris Pollard
Ladies: Lisa
Junior: Evie

Many thanks to all who helped to make it a very enjoyable day, despite the inclement weather, and to Chris Pollard and Terry for packing away the dried tentage on the following Monday.

John Kendall

Container Lighting

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