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Brief history of the club

The club was formed in 1951 at a meeting held in The New Inn public house in Kidmore End village. The members shot on a field at the rear of the pub and according to records, distances were 40 or 50 paces on Mondays and Thursdays and 60 paces on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In 1970 the landowner decided he no longer wanted the club to use the land. After much searching the newly formed Abbey Rugby Club agreed to allow the use of the land we have now.

As the club no longer had any connection with The New Inn it was decided to change the name to South Oxon Archery Club as the rugby club ground is just in Oxfordshire. This explains why some of the trophies are inscribed “Formerly New Inn Archers”.

Summer shooting

img_8699During the summer, i.e. out of the rugby season, we have club shoots on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm until it is too dark to shoot. Tuesday is normally reserved for range maintenance and training. Sunday afternoon there is also a club shoot from 2 to about 5pm. Senior club members are allowed to shoot alone so can shoot any weekday or Saturday provided the rugby pitches are not being used, although for safety reasons this is not recommended.

Winter shooting

At the moment we have no Winter indoor shooting facilities. However, we do continue to shoot outdoors over the Winter period on a Sunday afternoon & on a Wednesday morning, for those who are able to make it.  During the Winter we shoot a Frostbite Round, which is 6 sighter arrows, then 3 dozen arrows at 30 meters onto an 80cm target face.  The club runs a Frostbite Award Scheme, where badges are awarded in recognition, when members achieve certain levels of scores starting at 200.

The Ground continues to be open for members to shoot at flexible times mid-week, but obviously the limited day light makes shooting in the evenings impractical. Safety requirements continue to be in place as the Rugby Club is more active over the Winter period.


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